WILLKOMMEN to the International Education


The mission of our Academy is to create a challenging academic environment, partnered with a modern athletic program.

Sports Academy Berlin will strive to inspire students to respond to challenges, work well with others and persevere through life's many obstacles. The focus is on a high quality education, while athletes of all levels can explore and improve their Soccer and Basketball skills, through individual and team sports training.

We are committed to listening and providing an excellent standard of service. S.A.B. offers a plan of action on performance assessment for student athletes. We connect you to our network of expert sports & education partners, that aim to advance your goals with positive results. Our know-how and innovation produces solutions.

S.A.B. welcomes all international student athletes, girls and boys, from the 7th grade to 12th grade to the historic heart of Berlin, Germany.

Come experience the German culture and learn the German language!

Academy Highlights

Embark on a quality education at an international school in Berlin, teaching language is English and individual and team sports training for all levels in soccer and basketball.


In life and through education, we want you to learn constantly and always push to improve. S.A.B. wants to teach student athletes that it can be exciting to push the limits and to challenge themselves intellectually, so you can – “Be all that you can be”.

Our Philosophy

We want to inspire our student athletes to live a tolerant, peaceful and progressive life. The interaction, competition in sports, and quality learning environment opportunites with their peers from around the world, is our top priority.

Trial Week Berlin

Trial Week in Berlin is an opportunity to be pre-evaluated by professional coaches, at top Berlin sports clubs. The student athlete will participant in individual training + team training, testing & assessment.