Academy Highlights

  1. Quality education at an international school in Berlin, teaching language is English
  2. Individual and team sports training for all levels in soccer and basketball
  3. Choose a one or two year term (August to July)
  4. Exclusive Academy program, admission for only a limited number of student athletes, in order to give special attention to each individual, while focusing on a high standard in education and athletics
  5. Individual and personal supervision through experienced educators and sports coaches
  6. Experience the German culture and the great opportunity to learn the German language

Insurance Package
The complete coverage includes personal liability, accident and health insurance. 

German Visa Information
S.A.B. will assist with the visa application. Please go to “Visa Info” for more information.

Host Family
Your child will be matched to a wonderful German Host family. All needs and requests will be considered when making a choice. The family resides within the Berlin city area.

Parents will receive bi-monthly reports via email, regarding their child’s progress.

Sports Training
The amount of training is dependant upon the individual athlete's needs, after consulting parents. Additional individual practice before school or on weekends is available by request. Our coaches will give nutritional guidance, assist in muscle training (strength, flexibility, core performance), that is age appropriate, plus emphasize team spirit and fair play strategies. Through our partner schools during regular sports classes, the athlete can participate in other sports such as gymnastics, volleyball, badminton, track & field, etc.

Mental Coaching
Our S.A.B. coaches goal is to aid players in maximizing their on-court performance, by systematically strengthening their mental game, thus complementing their physical skills development. Specific areas addressed in the work with an athlete include, setting goals, motivation, focus skills, communication, leadership and coping with injury.