The Academy accepts student athletes starting from the 7th grade. Upon receipt of your online information form, we can proceed with the admission process. A good grade point average and strong English and or German language skills and are required. Students with poor previous scholastic or behavioral records can not be accepted.

Student athletes interested in the Premium Blue Sports Package should complete the Registration of Interest form and please submit the following:

  • Student athlete’s last 2 current report cards translated in English or German (PDF format only)
  • Sports highlight video (for example a youtube link)

Please review the following request details for a sports highlight video:

Soccer game situations (max 2 minutes)

  • scenes of positions defending a) for strikers more offensive actions, b) for defenders more defensive actions, tackles & playmaking
  • footwork showing both feet -goal shots, controlling, passing the ball
  • individual skills - dribble parcours/slalom with target shooting (right & left) and ball juggling

Basketball game situations (max 2 minutes)

  • offense: 5 on 5 and 1 on 1 situations, creation of shots, catch and shoot, getting open and cuts, dribble drive
  • defense: 1 on 1 situations, footwork
  • individual skills - dribble parcours / slalom with shooting and lay-ups

Only completed applications, which include all the required items & documents are accepted.


Please click “S.A.B. Packages” to learn more about additional Academy program offers.

Official application deadline for Sports Academy Berlin Premium Blue Sports Package is as follows:

February 28th          August to July school year
August 1st              January (mid-term admission)





S.A.B. Premium Blue Sports Package

One Year Term August to July starting at 28.000 €
Premium Blue Sports Package includes
  • Individual training & team sports training
  • Modern hi-tech athletic performance training
  • Advanced technology testing & assessment for soccer
  • Endurance + strength + conditioning program
  • Life Kinetics training
  • Personal mentoring
  • KPI - Key Performance Indicator (a measurement of an athlete's progress)
  • Insurance package
  • Host family accommodations (includes breakfast + dinner)
  • Private school recommendation + interview & appointment arrangements
  • Visa explanation assistance

Trial Week Berlin is a mandatory requirement in order to be considered for the Premium Blue Sports Package. With a two year signed S.A.B. contract, a 500€ credit is offered.

A trial week in Berlin is an opportunity to be pre-evaluated by professional coaches, at top Berlin sports clubs. The student athlete will participant in individual training + team training + hi-tech training + testing & assessment. An introduction to our private school partners for interviews, testing & trial day is possible.  **School fees vary depending on choice of school.