Your Secondary or High School career is finished. You are at least 18 years old. Your sports talents are exceedingly high and starting a professional soccer or basketball career is your goal.This is an opportunity to be evaluated by professional coaches, at top Berlin sports clubs. Depending on your skill level, everything is achievable.

Our S.A.B. Scouting Package offers 1 to 2 weeks of individual & team sports training, specialized testing and evaluation. Housing accommodations, food, transportation and insurance are also included.

Germany is the country of Champions!
Come to Berlin to explore your scouting possibilities.

Please complete our online Registration of Interest form to begin the admission process. We request you to send your highlight video to .

Please review the following details for a sports highlight video:

Soccer game situations (max 2 minutes)

  • scenes of positions defending a) for strikers more offensive actions, b) for defenders more defensive actions, tackles & playmaking
  • footwork showing both feet -goal shots, controlling, passing the ball
  • individual skills - dribble parcours/slalom with target shooting (right & left) and ball juggling

Basketball game situations (max 2 minutes)

  • offense: 5 on 5 and 1 on 1 situations, creation of shots, catch and shoot, getting open and cuts, dribble drive
  • defense: 1 on 1 situations, footwork
  • individual skills - dribble parcours / slalom with shooting and lay-ups

Only completed applications, which include the required highlight video are accepted.

S.A.B. will gladly discuss pricing and give you more information, such as our special customized program package options.

S.A.B. Scouting Package Impressions