Please review the following steps to be considered for admission. As the process moves forward and continues, you will receive more details about our services

Registration of Interest Form

Premium Blue Sports applicants should complete the online form, upload 2 current report cards translated in English or German (PDF format only) and submit a sports highlight video. Completion of the form is required for the S.A.B. Scouting or Summer package (report cards are not required) applicants. *Scouting Package applicants are required to submit a sports highlight video

Review & Assessment

Report cards and the sports highlight video will be reviewed. Thereafter, a list of school recommendations can be provided or club recommendations for Scouting Package

Private School Applications

You should complete and submit at least two school applications, as availability and acceptance is not guaranteed at any school

Trial Week Berlin

A visit to Berlin is discussed and arranged. A signed agreement and payment is required. This is an opportunity to be evaluated by professional coaches, at top Berlin sports clubs. Trial week includes sports training, introduction to two private school partners, interviews, testing, trial day & possible to meet a host family

**A 500€ credit is offered with a two year signed S.A.B. Premium Blue Sports contract

S.A.B. Offer

Student athlete receives a positive evaluation and a sports club would like the student athlete to be a club team member. S.A.B. offers a contract for acceptance to the Academy. You will be required to return the signed contract and submit a payment within 14 days. Payments should be made via a bank transfer 

School Contract Offer

School offers a contract for admission. Please follow all the instructions and requirements of the individual school.

Confirmation of Admission

Upon receipt of all completed documentation and payment, you will receive an email confirming successful admission