“It’s the same game, the same passion”

Interview on with Coach Wehrmeyer

Henrik Rödl, NCAA-Champion with UNC 1992, Coach 1st Division Germany, European Champion 1993, Head Coach German National Team

"Sven is a special person. I call myself lucky to have worked with him on our staff as Athletic Trainer and Basketball Coach. He is extremly knowledgeable about the game and a hard worker. He has had experience at many different levels and leaves a trail of success. He will be a credit to any program."

Senegalese Former National Player Omar Ba

"I know Coach Wehrmeyer since 15 years. He proved a great soccer knowledge as well when we made our camp in Dakar in Senegal. Our kids have learned a lot through his drills and own personally demonstrations. We appreciated his open-minded and always friendly attitude which is really amazing."

Marco Baldi, President ALBA Berlin (EuroLeague Basketball)

"We are more than satisfied with Sven's job within the seasons as our youth coach and Athletic coach of our pro team. He moved up with our farm team to the 2nd Division, a team of only young players. He also reached our main goals: the development and improvement of our young players, to bring them closer to the professional level.

He is very well organized and was strongly involved in our projects, like ALBA Summer- and Easter-Camps, Coach Clinics and school programs. I adore his deep knowledge of all the details of the game. He is living basketball."

Calvin Oldham, Coach Bayer Leverkusen, ALBA Berlin and South Korea

"As a professional basketball coach that has worked at every level - High School, College, European Professional and NBA Scout - I have worked with Sven for two years while coaching professionally in Germany. He is one of the most dedicated and and professional coaches I have worked with. His attention to detail and his enthusiasm for the game of basketball is unprecedented. 

Sven has a very sharp ability to teach, motivate and communicate with players from diverse backgrounds"

Mike Jaskulski, Coach UAB (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

"I have known Sven for over 5 years. His enthusiasm for the game of basketball is second to none. An outstanding and patient teacher of the game I witnessed his expertise first hand as he was one of our finest coaches at our youth basketball camps at Florida State University. Spend a few minutes with Sven, much less a week of camp and his knowledge and love of the game capture your attention!"

Wilbert Olinde, CEO of Black Pearls Basketball World (

NCAA-Champion with UCLA under Coach John Wooden 1975, 
3-time participant in the NCAA Final Four (1974-1976) and currently an Assistant Coach for the Under 18 German Women's Basketball National Team

"Sven Wehrmeyer's cornerstones of success are his enthusiasm for teaching and his willingness  to work hard to achieve his goals. I value his loyalty to his players, his co-operation with fellow coaches as well as our treasured friendship. Sven is very aware of the fundamentals required to achieve as a basketball player. He is determined to take actions in order to assure that a player's goals are the basis for his further development. For Sven the personal development of each of his player is essential to defining success. Maximizing your potential, playing according to the principles of team and striving to achieve your personal best on as well as off the court are the defining elements of Sven's philosophy. I highly recommend Sven Wehrmeyer as a Basketball Coach as well as a Life Teacher!"

Dr. Thorsten Kleinert, Parent at Berlin Cosmopolitan School

Sven Wehrmeyer is not only a good basketball coach. The children and students of the Berlin Cosmopolitan School respect him as a teacher and consider him their friend. He motivates and inspires children and parents.

In order to recognize the limits of physical and mental performance and overcome these limits, young people need the experience of participating in team sports. They develop a sense of responsibility and teamwork skills, for their future life experiences.

Perhaps Sven can discover a wonderful new talent in basketball and soccer among his students. Sven has international experience and a great reputation as a prerequisite for the successful implementation of his idea. May he succeed and realize his dream with Sports Academy Berlin.