In Berlin - What you should know about the home city of S.A.B.

Berlin is the capitol city of Germany! Willkommen.

Berlin is the largest German city. Populated with 3.5 million residents, from over 190 nations. The landscape encompasses beautiful Forests, Parks, Gardens and Lakes. The city is diverse and thriving with history, culture, fashion, art, design and music. It is the European city to watch! Berlin is known for top museums, galleries, orchestras, as well as host to many international sporting events.

A key important note are the renowned universities, research institutes and technical colleges that make it a prolific center of higher education.

The 20th Century was an intriguing time... Berlin staged a revolution, was controlled by Fascists, bombed and destroyed, divided in two by the Wall, saw the historic fall of the Wall, and finally Re-unification in 1990.

This city has it all, a historic legacy with reminders around every corner including the Brandenburg Tor, The Reichstag, Check Point Charlie and Hitler's Bunker. Today, Berlin has a new and modern vibrant urban setting.

Enjoy the home city of Sports Academy Berlin.

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